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Ferrari Mission Winnow Maske


The Ferrari Formula One Team's sponsors are almost as well as sporting as he is. Here is one of them Mission Winnow is now on our masks.

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    Even though we don't like to wear protective masks that come into our lives due to the pandemic and do not seem to be removed for a long time, they have become a reality of our lives.

    Of course, protection is the most important factor in masks, but we cannot say that it is not insignificant in visuality :) Here we have prepared our Formula 1 themed masks for you, which we love and are passionate about.

    New Features

    - Wire added to the nose

    - Behind-the-ear rubber part is now adjustable

    - Added distance between lips and fabric for comfortable breathing

    Does This Mask Provide Protection?

    Yes, but let's remind you that our masks are not manufactured at McLaren Technology Center.

    What are the Materials Used?

    Our masks are prepared using micro synthetic 60% cotton fabric. A better protection against external effects is aimed by using double layer. You can breathe more easily thanks to the fine perforated structure of the micro synthetic fabric. The rubber band used covers the entire mask.

    Design Language

    We had to produce at least 10 samples while designing our mask. The reason for this was to find the most aesthetic and comfortable position for users with different facial features. With this product you will buy now, you will be able to breathe very comfortably and experience very little sweating due to the synthetic structure of the fabric. In addition, the rubber band covering the entire mask will ensure that your mask fits your face in the best possible way.

    Returns and Exchanges

    There are no returns or exchanges for our masks.
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